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CLICK HERE TO SIGN PETITION: We ask that you sign this petition urging Eugene’s mayor and city manager to protect local rights by 1) creating a resolution with the intent to state Eugene’s objection to the FCC’s order and 2) joining the League of Oregon Cities’ lawsuit.

Below is archival information about the 2015 campaign opposing the Crossfire Tower in South Eugene

UPDATE June 23, 2015: AT&T has withdrawn its application for the Crossfire tower in order to focus on neighborhood utility poles as transmitter sites. We will be re-evaluating our strategy to keep our neighborhood environments free of unnecessary microwave radiation. Watch this site for new dialog and developments.

Understand the City’s Process (updated June 11, 2015)

On June 10th AT&T requested and received approval for yet another extension of the processing of their application. The new timeline is as follows:

  • June 17: Deadline for the applicant (AT&T) to submit new evidence
  • July 1: Deadline for the City of Eugene and all other parties to submit new evidence
  • July 15: Deadline for all parties to respond to new evidence submitted by July 1
  • July 22: Deadline for final rebuttal by the applicant (AT&T)


You can still provide testimony in two ways: submitting written testimony to the City Planning Department.

By law, adverse impacts on health and wildlife CANNOT be used to justify a denial. Fortunately, the application CAN be denied based on the adverse subjective and aesthetic impacts of the proposed tower, as explained in this document: Eugene Cell Tower Siting — Subjective Criteria for Denial.

Written testimony. Please write a personal letter stating your views about why the proposed tower should be denied on aesthetic grounds–impact on the beauty and intended environmental values of the area, etc. Please remember that impact on health and wildlife is not a valid criterion for denial and will not be considered, so the main focus should be on aesthetic values. Here are some suggestions for what to focus on in your personal letter.

Alternatively, we have also drafted two sample letters for written testimony that you can download below. The language is crafted according to the City Code to address the acceptable criteria for denial. The letters differ slightly by whether you live in Southeast Eugene or access the Amazon Creek Corridor from another part of Eugene.

Letter for residents living in or near Amazon Creek Corridor

Letter for Eugene residents who live outside the Amazon Creek Corridor

How to provide written testimony:

  1. Download and read a letter, or write your own citing the relevant code references
  2. Print and make copies or forward to friends
  3. Complete and submit using Plan A or B below.

Plan A. We plan to collect the letters and deliver them to the Planning Department as a batch. To submit your letter via Friends of Amazon Creek:

  • Fax to (207)510-8060
  • Scan and email to [email protected]
  • Mail to PO Box 5604, Eugene, OR 97405

Plan B. To submit your letter to directly to the City use this address:

Nicholas R. Gioello, M. Adm.
Associate Planner | Planning Division
City of Eugene
Planning & Development
99 West 10th Avenue
Eugene Oregon 97401
p 541.682.5453
f  541.682.5572
[email protected]


Click here to make a tax-deductible contribution to support the legal defense of the Amazon Creek corridor.

Take the Survey on Cell Tower Locations in Eugene

A brief online survey is available now for Eugene residents to share their views on the location of cell towers in their neighborhoods. The results will be submitted to the City Council for consideration in revising the City Code on locations of cell towers in the near future. Click here to take the 2-minute survey.

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Get Your Friends and Neighbors Involved–They Could be Targeted Next!

Circulate the NO CROSSFIRE TOWER flyer.
Circulate the link to this website.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor to bring community awareness to the threat in South Eugene and potentially other areas. In your letter be sure and refer to the website friendsofamazoncreek.org for full information. The Register-Guard’s instructions: Length limit is 250 words; all letters are subject to condensation. Writers are limited to one letter per calendar month. Because of the volume of mail, not all letters can be printed. Letters must be signed with the writer’s full name. An address and daytime telephone number are needed for verification purposes; this information will not be published or released. Mail or email letters to:

3500 Chad Drive
Eugene, OR 97408
Fax: 541-338-2828
E-mail: [email protected]

Write AT&T

Send a message to the AT&T representative below asking that they withdraw their application.

Donya W. Burns, Attorney
Busch Law Firm PLLC
[email protected]
Office: 1001 4th Ave., Ofc. 3232/ Seattle, Washington
Mail: 93 S. Jackson St. #75604/ Seattle, WA  98154-2818
Direct: 425-628-2668

Call for Revising the City Code

The City Council does not have influence on the Crossfire tower decision. However, the City Council CAN update the city code to prevent a repeat of this threat in other parts of Eugene.  Contact your council member and demand the city code be updated to protect residential neighborhoods, sensitive natural areas, and vulnerable populations such as school children and the elderly. Your City Council member’s contact information is here.

Call for Overhauling the Federal Law

A complete overhaul of the 20th century Telecommunications Act is needed to embrace 21st century science and return authority to local governance. Contact your representatives in Congress to demand reform!

Senator Ron Wyden
1220 SW 3rd Ave., Suite 585
Portland, OR  97204
(503) 326-7525

Contact form for Senator Wyden

Senator Jeff Merkley
One World Trade Center, Suite 1400
121 SW Salmon St.
Portland, OR  97204
(503) 326-3386

Contact form for Senator Merkley

Representative Peter DeFazio
405 East 8th Ave.
Eugene, OR  97401
(541) 465-6732

Contact form for Representative DeFazio

Resources for immediate release:

Here’s a flyer to post and share — print it and pass it on!

View the AT&T/Crossfire Tower application